Derrion Albert

On September 24, 2009 in the City of Chicago, IL a 16 year old young man by the name of Derrion Albert lost his life to a senseless act of violence between rival gangs. He wasn’t a part of either gang, but was caught up in the middle on his way home from school. God used his life and that tragedy as a catalyst for change. It was during this period, that God began to speak to T. Hondre’ Outley about the lives of our urban youth.  This tragedy re-ignited Hondre’s passion and desire to see the urban males in our society succeed and thrive on into adulthood.  Hondre’ enlisted the aid of a dear friend Cornelius Wright Jr. and together they founded what today has become Mufasa’s Pride…the pride of my father.  A Boys Rites of Passage Program designed to impact the lives of urban male youth of today.  The labored many hours designing and developing their curriculum and formulating the logistics to make Mufasa’s Pride a reality.

With the blessing and support of his pastor Rev. Remus Wright, Pastor of The Fountain of Praise Church, Hondre’ knew without a doubt that Gods favor was on The Pride! Partnering with The Fountain of Praise Church which is where Mufasa’s Pride is currently housed, The Pride program targets young males between the ages of 12-17, or 18 if they are not a senior in high school. Each boy must complete at least 2 years of the program curriculum in addition to other set rituals to earn the title MAN.

During these Impact Sessions the young men are taught everything from developing a budget, balancing a check book, discovering their purpose, how to apply for college and the steps involved, proper etiquette and social skills, proper diet and exercise just to name a few.  All of the young men currently enrolled in the program, reside in the Greater Houston Metro Area.